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MASTER THE ART OF MARRIAGE – Emotional And Physical Intimacy

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Why this course?

We have done our graduation/schooling by spending multiple lakhs of rupees and studied Trigonometry and Algebra. But our schools are not teaching anything about an even more complex/difficult subject of one’s life – The Marriage. Because of that, today’s younger generation lacks a proper understanding of how to approach marriage and this is the reason for a recent increase in divorce rates in India. Therefore, we have decided to provide comprehensive marriage education to the younger generation, providing them with valuable knowledge and skills that can greatly benefit their future lives, all at a cost lower than that of a movie date.

If you are thinking like “I’m not going to get married anytime soon, then why should I join this course?”. But the contents in this 10 day workshop is a must known information for everyone who is above 21 years old. Because, the lifestyle and mentality which we are following now is affecting our mental and sexual health very badly. This is one of the reason for the recent spike in the divorce rates in India. We are now trying to include this 10-Day Workshop as a part of the higher secondary education 

Whom this course is for?

This course consists of:

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Course Curriculum

  • 1: Introduction to the course.
  • 2: Understanding the concept of Marriage.
  • 3: Common misconceptions about marriage.
  • 4: Signs of a successful marriage.
  • 5: Common reasons for an unsuccessful marriage.
  • 6: Communication skills in marriage.
  • 1: Effective conflict resolution strategies.
  • 2: Emotional Intelligence in marriage.
  • 3: Overcoming trust Issues.
  • 4: Unrealistic expectations in marriage.
  • 5: Role of forgiveness in a successful marriage.
  • 6: Anger Issues in marriage.
  • 1: Role of intimacy in a successful marriage.
  • 2: Enhancing Physical Intimacy.
  • 3: Importance of non-sexual touch.
  • 4: Building a strong friendship in marriage.
  • 5: Understanding and overcoming jealousy.
  • 6: Importance of vulnerability in marriage.
  • 1: Building a positive atmosphere in marriage.
  • 2: Techniques to build positivity.
  • 3: Overcoming communication barriers in marriage.
  • 4: Importance of prioritizing each other in marriage.
  • 5: The role of humor in a successful marriage.
  • 6: The Importance of Boundaries in Marriage.
  • 1: Celebrating Milestones in Marriage.
  • 2: Maintaining Independence in Marriage.
  • 3: Nurturing Self-Care in Marriage.
  • 4: Navigating Cultural Differences in Marriage.
  • 5: Recognizing and Addressing Mental Health Issues in Marriage.
  • 6: Understanding and Respecting Different Personality Types in Marriage.
  • 1: The Importance of Sexual Communication and Trust.
  • 2: Sexual Anatomy and Physiology.
  • 3: Understanding Sexual Arousal and Desire.
  • 4: Differences in Sexual Desire and Frequency.
  • 5: Managing Expectations in the Bedroom.
  • 6: Common Sexual Problems and Concerns.
  • 7: Building a Strong Sexual Foundation.
  • 8: The Benefits of Intimacy in a Marriage.
  • 1: The Role of Emotions in Sexual Intimacy.
  • 2: Exploring Sexual Fantasies and Desires.
  • 3: Sexual Boundaries and Consent in Marriage.
  • 4: Safer Sex Practices in Marriage.
  • 5:Family Planning and Contraception.
  • 6: Understanding Fertility and Pregnancy.
  • 7: Preconception Health and Wellness.
  • 8: Understanding and Managing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
  • 1: Sexual Dysfunction in Marriage and How to Address It.
  • 2: Understanding sexual trauma and its effects.
  • 3: Navigating Sexual Differences and Preferences.
  • 4: Techniques for Enhancing Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy.
  • 5: The role of physical touch in marriage.
  • 6: The Importance of Emotional Connection in Sexual Intimacy.
  • 7: Sexual Health and Wellness in Marriage.
  • 8: Exploring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in a Marriage.
  • 1: Understanding Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • 2:Building Sexual Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • 3: The Impact of Aging on Sexual Intimacy
  • 4: Understanding Sexual Desire and Hormones
  • 5: Navigating Changes in Sexual Desire and Performance
  • 6: The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Sexual Health
  • 7: The Connection Between Emotional Health and Sexual Intimacy
  • 8: The Impact of Stress on Sexual Intimacy
  • 1: The Impact of Medications and Drugs on Sexual Intimacy
  • 2: Exploring Sexual Taboos and Stigma in a Marriage
  • 3: Sexual Intimacy During Times of Illness or Disability
  • 4: Understanding and Addressing Performance Anxiety in Sexual Intimacy
  • 5: The Connection Between Sleep and Sexual Intimacy
  • 6: The Role of Play and Adventure in Sexual Intimacy.
  • 7: Strategies for Keeping Sexual Intimacy Alive and Flourishing in a Marriage.
  • 8: 17 ways to improve sexual health. 
  • 9: Natural food items which increases the sexual health and desire. 

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Feedbacks from our learners

Testimonials from our learners

"I've taken a lot of courses on relationships, but this one is by far the best. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging, and the content is very much relevant to real-life relationships. I feel more confident in my ability to navigate the challenges which could happen after marriage, thanks to this course."
Arathi Krishna
Tamil Nadu, India
"I wasn't sure if this course was for me, but I'm so glad I decided to take it. The lessons on enhancing lust in marriage were eye-opening and empowering, and the practical exercises helped us to connect on a deeper level. I would give a 5-star rating to this course. I highly recommend this course to every individual."
Maharashtra, India
"This course was a game changer for us. We were struggling to maintain the spark in our marriage, but the strategies we learned in this course helped us reignite the passion and create a stronger emotional and physical connection with each other. Thank you for this amazing resource and the instructor!"
Riya Kumari
Assam, India
"I was skeptical about taking a course on marriage, but this one really surprised me. The content was easy to implement. We've already seen an improvement in our physical and emotional connection, and I feel more confident in my ability to tackle the problems in our relationship. Thank you so much"
Hyderabad, India

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Ans: As we are covering topics related to marriage and relationships, we have developed this course for people who are more than 21 years old. 

Ans: No. None of the video contents contains nudity. All the videos used in the course are safer to watch for everyone. But still we recommend this course for people who are more than 21 years old as they are the ones who gets the most benefit from this course.  (This course is only for educational purposes).

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